Jeffrey Baldwin — Product Designer

jeffrey baldwin

product designer

I'm currently designing a whole new way to interact with content and other users at Scrawlr – the overlay for the internet.

Redesigning the way users discover and create Habits while improving consistency across the experience.

How might we strengthen the relationship between homeless people seeking social housing and their caseworkers?

How might we create a new experience to support renters through their entire rental journey?

From January to August 2018, I worked as a UX Designer on the SAP Jam team, an enterprise collaboration product with over 50 million users.

Within an 8-hour timeframe, I designed an experience for students to discover orientation events and crafted a visual system to accommodate different types of events.

At Junior, I made major contributions to the research, ideation, and production phases of a variety of projects, including the relaunch of the Kodak Moments app.

How might we re-imagine the travel-booking experience for travellers who aspire to explore?

How might we break down the walls around craft beer culture for the casual beer drinker?



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