A digital service that strengthens the relationship between Vancouver residents seeking social housing and their caseworkers by helping them save, share, and apply for relevant documents.


This Is Nathan

Nathan is living in a shelter. After a few years without long-term housing, he is looking to live on his own again — but he needs financial and medical support to do so. He is looking for long-term social housing with on-hand healthcare services.

This Is Nathan
Nathan's Barriers to Housing


Nathan's Barriers to Housing

Many of Nathan’s important documents have been lost, stolen, and damaged over the years he has lived without a home. This is a big problem — documents such as ID, Personal Health Number, Proof of Residency, and more are necessary to qualify for long-term social housing.


KeepSafe: Upload Important Documents

Nathan uses Keepsafe on his phone to upload and store important documents so that even if he loses them or loses his phone, they will be easy to recover from his online Keepsafe account.

The Caseworker Relationship


The Caseworker Relationship

Sally works at the shelter, and is helping Nathan apply for long-term housing. She is very busy with her other clients, many of whom need a lot of support with their applications. Sally is encouraging Nathan to be self-directed in his housing search, as he is capable of filling out forms on his own.


Connecting Accounts

At a meeting together, Sally and Nathan connect accounts. Now Nathan can choose to share documents with Sally.


Making a Plan for Housing

Sally makes a plan for Nathan based on what she has learned about him through their meetings. The plan shows Nathan the documents he needs to get in order to apply for long-term social housing.


Support with Complicated Applications

Once Nathan knows his plan, he can begin applying for the documents he needs. Keepsafe walks Nathan through each document application - helping him print the form, fill it out, and send to Sally for review. Sharing his application digitally saves valuable time for him and Sally.


Moving Toward Housing Goals

Nathan can see his progress and keep up communication with his caseworker as he moves through his plan.

Created By :

  • Alex Honeywell
  • Jeffrey Baldwin
  • Fran Breden
  • Gabe Hendry
  • Rucky Shah